Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes

A fabulous collection of sliding wardrobes is available at genuinely attractive prices. JR Interiors is a market leader in UK. We are manufacturer and installer of high-quality bedroom designs at affordable prices. Personalise your wardrobe space with our extensive range of awesome designs.  The bedroom is a foremost area of your home. You will be extra careful to every part of your bedroom. Our sliding wardrobe doors are just tailor-made to fit perfectly in your bedroom. These neat wardrobes will serve as a storage solution as well as a decorative element.

Customised Sliding Wardrobe Doors

We offer sliding wardrobes in tonnes of different sizes, colours, and finishes. You can just pick up the one you like and we will do rest. Select the combination of door panels, interiors, and frames of your own choice. The designs are developed with high-quality guaranteed materials. Technical expertise meets beauty at JR interior designs of sliding wardrobe doors. With our affordable sliding wardrobes, you will be enjoying durability, convenience, and style. We have developed a range sliding doors that will need least efforts from you to run and maintain.

Contemporary Wardrobes

Sliding doors are the modern wardrobe doors which give a stylish appearance to your bedroom. Contemporary interiors of your sleeping room will have a perfect companion in this type of closets. The simple linings in vogue will be beautifully combined with glass or wood effect. This design is available in multiple door systems. While two-door is the popular choice, some people also prefer three doors or four doors.

How to Choose the Best Sliding Door Wardrobe

Our team of expert designers will also take into account the furniture already present in your bedroom. This helps you to get a perfect sized wardrobe. The style and size are analysed to coordinate with the bedroom décor. The wardrobe is a significant furniture for your bedroom and needs to be accommodated with a great care.

JK Interior is a leading sliding wardrobes supplier in UK. Your design for this focal piece of the bedroom is selected on the basis of the existing walls, floors, windows, and other furniture. In the absence of exactly matching colours, we select the best complementary colours.

We will custom sort the sliding wardrobe doors to meet your choice. Besides being affordable and trendy, our products are also well organised. The layouts are planned to meet different needs. The planning of hanging space, shelves, and chests is given utmost care. The adjustable shelves to store bigger items are also available in our designs. Unlike, models with drawers to store small articles are also readily available.

Our beautifully designed sliding doors run smoothly and create a wonderful pivotal point in your bedroom. The wardrobe doors are meant for urban living and greater convenience. You will be getting a picture perfect sliding doors to suit your bedroom interiors. The variety of designs and colours will give you an option that will not look out of place in your bedroom for a single second. JR interiors welcomes you to the world of the most affordable wardrobes in UK.