Modern Kitchen Designs

JR Interiors is an established supplier of all kinds of new kitchens in the UK. We are supplying kitchen interiors for new homes as well remodelled home plans. Get the most innovative kitchen interiors for your home. Modern kitchens are featured with smart storage systems. These modern designs offer great functions, stylishness, and flexibility. You can work with optimum comfort and luxury. JR interiors’ range of modern designs is the best solution for modern living. We offer premium quality material as per quality standards at very competitive prices. With our precious experience of over 20 years, we deliver the modern kitchens you have always loved.

Features of Modern Kitchen

The modern kitchen style makes you feel inspired with their striking looks. It uses most modern and up-to-the-date accents. If you have planned to employ exciting stylish kitchen design for your new home, do check the features here. This will surely help you to create a fresh contemporary style kitchen for your home:

  • Doors with laminated finish
  • Glass splash back
  • Surfaces with man-made composite work
  • Built-in cooking appliances of stainless steel
  • Modern styled stools
  • High-gloss slab doors with unconventional clean-toned colours
  • Some modern styles are predominantly white

JR interiors offer a wide range of options among the modern styled surfaces, islands, and cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

These kitchen ideas will help you to create a kitchen in a new home or to remodel the old styles.

  • Monochrome style gives you a black and white scheme. You will get a simple but classic look for your kitchen.
  • Doors with handles and units with curved shapes give a sleek stylish look to your kitchen.
  • If you have a lot of space available, an open-plan layout can be created. This is rather unconventional and gives you an instant feel of modernity.
  • High gloss kitchen units add the latest style to your kitchens. The high gloss finish at the glass-fronted doors gives a wow factor to your cooking area entrance. If you remodelling, you can just add glass paints to your current units to get a feel of glossy kitchens.
  • Smart storage, palette and lighting are vital components when it comes to creating modern kitchens in a smaller space. If you are using a larger area, our designers will add features like peninsula units, glazed wall units, kitchen islands, dressers.
  • Modernised kitchen worktops are the inexpensive way of making your kitchens look trendy. We offer stylish kitchen worktops at different prices to suit your budgets. As per your need, you can choose granite or laminated worktops.

We are trained kitchen designers in the UK. Our designers minutely create designs for your kitchen. Right from the worktop materials to the handles; colours and patterns, utmost care is taken to give you a scheme of your dreams. JR Interiors is a renowned interior designer for your kitchens, bedrooms, cabinets, and study rooms. Make your homes well planned with our dedicated products and services. We develop and install the most modern kitchen schemes at prices that will make you smile.