High Gloss Kitchens

High Gloss Kitchens

High gloss kitchens are extremely popular across the United Kingdom. They are available in different types and in different price range. Before you choose the design of your new kitchen area, let us make you familiar with this specific type. JR Interiors offers varieties of high gloss kitchens with different levels of glossiness. We have shared here information on features and advantages of this design. There are plenty of reasons for favouring this category. We have explained them to help you on choosing the best plan for your new or remodelled cooking area.

What is a High Gloss Kitchen?

High gloss kitchens are differentiated by its glossy finish and an aesthetic reflective surface. These are very appealing in all different kinds of colours. The level of reflections and looks vary with the types of material used and the colour of the material. JR Interiors provides high gloss kitchen designs with finest glosses and sturdy materials. We ensure the durability along with the striking looks.

Why you should Prefer High Gloss Kitchens

The extra smooth glossy finish gives an airy and modern look to your kitchen. The glossiness can be customized as per customer’s choice. Here are some best features of the high glossed kitchen interiors that make them irresistible:

  • Kitchen with glossed looks renders a streamlined and neat visual
  • Lighter shades like white and beige also make the kitchens look fantastic. Due to its reflective property, you enjoy more natural light
  • The glosses used with various colour combination gives great look on wooden material also
  • The high gloss kitchens are super easy to clean and maintain. You can clean them just with a single wipe
  • Numerous options are available in terms of price range, materials, and colours

Our professional expertise will help you to choose the perfect colour as per your personal choice. Selection of shade and colour is very significant while installing high gloss kitchens. The dark and light colours give different lighting effects. Our thorough consultancy and guidance will create a picture-perfect cooking area for you.

Types of High Gloss Kitchens

A wide range of varieties can be designed for this category. We give priority to your preference and combine it with our professional tips. Here are different types of high gloss kitchens for you to consider:

Lacquered or Painted Glossy Kitchens – The topmost choice in this specific category is lacquered or painted ones. They provide wonderful mirror-like surface and are also durable. This is the best choice for the home kitchens.

Acrylic Gloss Kitchens – A layer of acrylic gives makes the surfaces an extremely shiny finish. In spite of being expensive compared to others, acrylic gloss kitchens are popular due to durability.

Wrapped Gloss Kitchens – As the name suggests, wrapped gloss kitchens are wrapped with vinyl or PVC. These types of high gloss kitchens are very popular. They are cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain.

JR interiors offer high-quality materials and best technology to build kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas of your home. We design your interiors with all kind of contemporary, stylish moderns, and traditional designs. Interior designing is a vast subject. Our expert interior designers consider all minute aspects while designing and installing a kitchen of your choice.