Contemporary Kitchen Designs

If you are planning a new home or remodelling it, you are going to focus on kitchen designs keenly. Kitchens are your cooking place as well a storage area for your appliances. JR Interiors has wide options of contemporary kitchen designs. A great number of varieties are offered in terms of colours, patterns, textures, and materials. These trendiest kitchen designs will add charm to any type of home. Be it a townhouse or an urban home, these contemporary kitchen designs are most suitable and flexible. Besides taking care of your cooking needs, our designs also offer a beautiful space for your dining and entertaining needs.

If you are most concerned about the latest trends, these contemporary kitchen ideas will surely charm you. We have shared here some best kitchen ideas you can consider for while planning your home.

Best Contemporary Kitchen Ideas

The main objective of our existing kitchen designs is to create the most economic yet wonderful place. Here we have suggested the best contemporary kitchen designs for all kinds of layouts.

L-shaped or U-shaped designs for Larger Layouts

If you are facilitated with a larger layout to accommodate your kitchen are, JR Interiors have a great number of designs to offer. L-shaped or U-shaped designs with a big peninsula or centre space are very popular currently. These types provide a great space for cabinets and countertops. This trendy kitchen layout also offers you a special space to create islands. We have also developed numerous designs for your kitchen islands.

Galley & Double Galley Layout Designs

This is best suggested when you have tight spaces. Even in smaller spaces, this vertical gallery layout has a lot to offer. This design accompanies shelves and stack counters that are mounted high up to compensate the limited space. The trendiest kitchen remodelling design for your existing smaller space. The design gives you a single line of multiple cabinets. Employ this design when you have long and narrow space.

A double galley offers you more provisions and storage space. The best design to accommodate diverse cooking activities. The depths in the wall and heights are used for cabinets. An exciting number of features are developed in galley type contemporary layout.

Triangle Shaped Kitchen

An ages old kitchen design still stands in the contemporary times with some refinements. This is a widely used idea in the interior design world. However, it needs an in-depth consideration for the distances between the areas connected triangularly. Our expert designers develop a perfect triangle design for your kitchen space. A triangle is generally connecting the three areas of the stove, refrigerator, and the sink space. Designers at JR Interiors also customise the designs to reasonable extents.

The reason of categorising the types of designs as per the layouts is that the available area highly influences the design. Besides the layout, there is a host of other aspects involved in deciding your best kitchen design. Our designers suggest you the stylish and up-to-the-minute colours, floorings, patterns, and materials to use in modelling your kitchen design. Do browse through our other categories of kitchen designs as well before you choose one.